The Rise Of Versechainn

Versechainn is a Korean rapper and a member of the hip-hop crew 화정GANG. The 28-year-old rapper has several songs on SoundCloud & Spotify. If you are a SoundCloud listener, I recommend you to listen to Ski and Nothing. But if you’re on Spotify, please listen to the 4 songs available.

Welcome To The World Of Versechainn

Listening to Versechainn’s music is like traveling through the world he built for us. Versechainn uses various types of instrumentals to immerse us in different universes:

  • a dark world through the music of 테스토스테론 feat. Cubana Hembo) ;
  • a jazzy world through the music of Free World (feat. Cubana Hembo) ;
  • a cyberpunk world through the music of ㅈ2021.

However, it’s not an easy place to live and he has to fight to get the life he wants:

This is a battleground [여긴 전쟁터야]
원해 Porsche

Versechainn uses his voice to spit his truth, and he’s not shy to talk about the obstacles he faces as a rapper. 테스토스테론 and 원해 Porsche are both about his desire to make a career in rap and money as a sign of this achievement, but they show it in a completely different way. In 원해 Porsche, the piano synth and the singing-rap chorus make his desire lighter and more optimistic. But in 테스토스테론, Versechainn and Cubana Hembo sound more hungry, as if they had to make it and there was not much time left. The dark instrumental works like a dramatic countdown.

테스토스테론 is composed by Versechainn, Cubana Hembo, and Zane98.

Life, Dreams, Money

In 원해 Porsche, Versechainn says :

I can beat all these fckin j€rk who can’t rap and only brag about their money
[돈 자랑만 하는 랩 못하는 놈들을 깨]

At first, I found it paradoxical because Versechainn also talks about money, about the money he would like to have. So I wondered what the difference was between him and these rappers. The most obvious one is that Versechainn CAN RAP. But I also wondered if there wasn’t a deeper meaning behind his pursuit of happiness through wealth.

In ㅈ2021, Versechainn says:

I didn’t know when I was young but now I understand why everyone wants money
[어릴 땐 몰랐는데 이제 이해 돼 왜 다들 바라는지 돈을]

It’s not just about money & b!tches. It’s mostly about survival. Knowing that society bases the value of a human being on the amount of money in his bank account, how can someone not want to get rich?

I’m running so much that I’m tired like cheeze
[넘 달려서 cheeze같은 피로도 ]

Meaning he spends a lot of time chasing money (cheeze) and that race consumes his energy, making him so tired that he feels like melted cheese. “Cheese” and “cheeze” are homonyms, and writing “cheeze” instead of “cheese” create an implicit paronomasia that emphasizes his strong desire to make money. A paronomasia is a phrase that intentionally uses words that have similar sounds but different meanings to reinforce the similarity between these words.

Pursuing a musical career requires money. Artists need it to rent a music studio (or buy their own equipment), promote their music, shoot their music videos, etc. But most of all, with money, Versechainn can also help the ones he cares about. That’s why he says:

Even if I take a taxi, I still want to buy my mom and dad the car of my dream
[난 아직도 뚜벅이에 택시를 타도 / 울엄빠는 사주고파 꿈의 car]

Short Interview

Versechainn kindly agreed to answer a few questions. I really appreciate it, thank you.🙏🏽

You write a lot about money and the high life you want. But what drives you to make music?
My love and passion for music! I started to rap at 19 years old.

In ㅈ2021, you said, “I was hurt by music / I was healed by music” [음악으로 상처받구 / 음악으로 치유받구]. How would you explain this duality in your relationship to music?
I was hurt by bad comments and indifference, and I was healed by compliments, good results, and listening to my favorite music artists.

So far, you have released 4 songs on Spotify (테스토스테론, 원해 Porsche, ㅈ2021, and Free World). Which of these songs best represents your identity as an artist?
테스토스테론 (Testosterone).

Please tell us why you chose this song. What makes it so special to you?
You’ll know when you hear it.

Do you have any musical projects for this year?
EP, album, or…

Is there anything you want to tell the readers?
Listen to ma album! Check ma SoundCloud!

🙏🏽Thank you again, Versechainn! 🙏🏽

Please if you enjoy his music, show your support and stream his songs. 😁

Want to know more about Versechainn:
– Instagram: @versechainn
– Spotify: Versechainn

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